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Located approximately 150km from Tokyo, the area equals to 2.6 times the size of Tokyo’s 23 wards combined, “KENPOKU”: northern Ibaraki is a region blessed with beautiful scenery of hills, mountains, green forests and the pacific ocean.
Having copper and coal mine industries developing early on in its history, and with the development of the infrastructure and key industries in the Meji era, the region played a major role in Japan’s modernization thereafter.

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KENPOKU Mountainside Art trip

Chiaki Hayashi

Reported by Chiaki Hayashi

Co-founder of Loftwork Inc. As a creative agent, her areas of expertise are not limited, they include areas such as web, community, spacial design and architecture. She also manages the digital fabrication cafe, FabCafe which is currently in operation in five countries including Taiwan, Spain and France etc. and a co-working space: MTRL that facilitates new design process by providing recourses.

From Hitachiota through Hitachiomiya, and finally to Daigo town is one of the recommended routes for visiting artworks on the mountain side. Against the backdrop of the townscape that evokes a feeling of nostalgia, with abundant forests and beautiful clear streams, the journey takes you to artworks, each unique in its own right.

  • Art
  • 1 Day
  • Solo travel
  • Mountain
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