Creative concept



Key color


The Chinese characters for “KENPOKU” have been digitized and arranged to resemble a family crest and are placed within a font that shows some analog fuzziness.
The two key colors express the seaside and mountainous regions as well the roots of the nature and history of northern Ibaraki Prefecture and the integration with art that unfolds there.

  • dig1

    Digitalized logo

  • digi2

    logo example

  • digi3

Your own original logo can be made freely by painting over the mesh in the circle. It enables not only artists and designers but various people to participate in the festival through the creation of logos.

Official Designer: Ken Okamoto


Okamoto is a graphic designer who was born in Gunma, Japan in 1983. He obtained a degree in psychology in the Division of Behavioral Science of the Faculty of Letters at Chiba University, but changed direction after developing an interest in graphic design in the course of his research. After graduating, he acquired practical experience at a variety of design agencies, including Vol and Taku Satoh Design Office, and established himself as a freelance designer in 2013.

Key Visuals

  • poster1
  • poster2
  • poster3

The festival’s theme “ Sea, Mountain, Art?” is expressed using the inspiration taken from three artworks: Ilya&Emilia Kabakov’s “The fallen sky” to express the “sea”, Yoichi Ochiai’s “Colloidal Display” to express “mountain” and finally Mariko Kinoshita’s calligraphy to evoke emotional reaction and create magic for KENPOKU ART. The visuals aim to encompass KENPOKU ART’s creative vision at a glance.

Junji Tanigawa
Creative Director, KENPOKU ART 2016

Calligrapher: Mariko Kinoshita


Born in Ibaraki Prefecture; lives and works in Tokyo. Kinoshita (also known by her nom de plume, “Shuusui”) is a calligrapher, who also runs the ‘Beautiful Japanese Letters Project’ in parallel with her creative practice. Her project is aimed at introducing the tradition of Japanese calligraphy and its allure. Through her calligraphy, she conveys the beauty of Japanese characters, language and literature, and the Japanese spirituality and aesthetics that they embody. For KENPOKU ART 2016, she wrote the exhibition’s title, “Sea, Mountains, Art!”, and will exhibit her first-ever calligraphy-based installation piece in Daigo.

Official recording by Kosuke Mori


Born in Osaka in 1980. Mori is a photographer and visual artist who studied photography at Nihon University College of Art. In 2014, he directed ‘ “Shunka” towa nandattanoka?’(What was “ shunka”?). He produced ‘ Shirozeme, the movie’. He was in charge of the Film still & Production of the movie, ‘ Watashi tachi no Haa Haa’. His friendly attitude towards work is what shortens the distance to the subject.  For KENPOKU ART, he will attempt to record the events combining photography and film.