Art Hackathon

In search of participating artists for KENPOKU ART, Japan’s first-ever Hackathon was launched in the Fall of 2015.
Artists, local residents, students, businesses and industrial and agricultural producers participated and worked together to gain an understanding of northern Ibaraki prefecture through research and fieldwork. Taking inspiration from the distinctive characteristics of the area, ideas were generated for the artworks. Including the prototyping, a total of four days were spent for the event. In collaboration with three other domestic Hackathon projects, a total of seven works have been selected to take part in KENPOKU ART 2016.

KENPOKU Art Hack Day

KENPOKU Art Hack Day is the first Hackathon ever to be held as part of an international art festival in Japan.  Approximately sixty creators from various fields including artists, engineers, designers, traditional craftsmen, architects and scholars, spent a total of four days generating ideas, prototyping and producing artworks.  As a result, three proposals, which have incorporated the distinctive characteristics of the northern Ibaraki region well, were selected to participate in KENPOKU ART 2016.

3331α Art Hack Day

This is a Hackathon for art organized by 3331 alpha, which was created by 3331 Arts Chiyoda, an art center that promotes community art, and VOLOCITEE Inc., a design firm specializing in supporting creative communities. 3331 alpha is a project that aims to improve the positioning of artists in society by promoting artists’ collaborative productions with specialists of other fields.
Fifty selected artists and engineers were gathered in one hall to create artworks combining the essences of art and technology. Improvisation was the method of production for which three days were spent.


Established in 2013, CREATIVE HACK AWARD is an annual award for next-generation creators, who value ambitious vision and think beyond the borders of countries and regions.
The purpose of this award is to stimulate people engaged in creative work to reconsider what traits are desired for a creator, and in what areas creators should take the lead in the future.

Bio Art Hackathon

Invited to participate is the new work by the artist collective BCL, which took part in the “Bio Art Hackathon” held by the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art Kanazawa. Exploring the topic: “DNA hacking”, this technology development event in Kanazawa that focused on integrating art and biotechnology gathered artists and engineers to create an artwork.
The artwork attempted to fuse artistic and scientific concepts using materials such as the DNA of Miku Hatsune—a humanoid persona, voiced by a singing synthesizer application, and the publicly available DNA database of various living creatures. The work that is scheduled to be proposed for KENPOKU ART 2016 is an advanced version of this.