Hackathon / Vide Infra

Hackathon /Vide Infra

A team composed of Yuki Yoshioka (researcher/visual designer), Daiki Kanaoka (fabricator), Taichi Sunayama (artist/programmer), Tomohisa Goco (space designer), Shimon Mioke (architect/product designer), Masakazu Kato (researcher), and Hiroshi Takagishi (visual designer). Their project involves modeling objects out of resin made from natto, a fermented food, and turning the whole process into video. Natto resin has high water-absorbency, and can be left out in nature, as it will be decomposed by bacteria back into the earth. The team will present their experiment to explore the potential of these properties as an artwork. On top of the videos, they will be exhibiting three-dimensional structures in KENPOKU ART 2016.


Vide Infra

Vide Infra