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Discover KENPOKU by comparing different answers to 3 questions

2016.06.24 Zadok Ben-David
Both with open mind and good spirit

The interview consists of three questions. Through various answers from different people we discover KENPOKU and ways to make the most of it. The second respondent is the artist Zadok Ben-David.

RespondentZadok Ben-David
Born in Yemen in 1949, immigrated to Israel in the same year; lives and works in the U.K.
Ben-David creates images of insects and botanicals accumulating in immense numbers, as well as installations consisting of miniaturized objects. The structure of his works reveal the viewers’ prejudices and social conventions through their viewing experiences. Since presenting work at the Venice Biennale (1988), he has participated in many exhibitions and art projects. He is the recipient of the Tel Aviv Museum Prize for Sculpture in 2005, and was commissioned to create a work for the Beijing Olympics (2008). At KENPOKU ART 2016, he will be presenting an installation where numerous elaborately-crafted botanical silhouette miniatures will cover a large exhibition space. The work is expected to bring a viewing experience of both tranquility and surprise.

Q1 What was the most memorable moment of your visit to Northern Ibaraki prefecture?

A beautiful jewel of almost forgotten innocent world

My overall impression was that the region was blessed with natural beauty. I can only imagine how beautiful it is in the different seasons.
I was mostly impressed by the visit to an old school, not far from Yawara. The school was established nearly 100 years ago, not active any more but very well preserved, especially the classrooms and the teachers room, a beautiful jewel of almost forgotten innocent world.

Q2 What would be the highlight of your work?

The installation looks very different in each site.

For me the highlight moment of “Blackfield” is when I finish the hard work of installing 25,000 flowers.
The installation looks very different in each site.
Exhibiting it around the world with such a great variety of cultures, creates different reactions to this artwork. I am particularly surprised by the emotional response to it.

Q3 If you were to bring one item to make the most of the festival, what would it be?

Both with open mind and good spirit

I cannot think of a single item, I assume it would be Camera and dictionary, both with open mind and good spirit.

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