Ticket / Passport

KENPOKU ART 2016 Passport

Passports which give access to all the artworks of KENPOKU ART 2016 throughout the festival duration will be on sale. Single site admission tickets that allow access to individual exhibition will also be available at the same time.



Ticket type Adult Student/Seniors(*)
Passport Advance ticket Regular ticket Advance ticket Regular ticket
2,000JPY 2,500JPY 1,000JPY 1,500JPY

* Students include high school, university and vocational school students.

* Seniors refer to visitors over 65 years old.


■Admission is free for junior high school students and under, and visitors with a physical disability certificate and their attending helpers (Up to one attending helper is eligible for free admission)

■Passports shall be purchased at information centers during the festival.

■Advance tickets are on sale with Ticket pia, CN play guide, e-plus, Seven ticket and Lawson ticket HMV


Ticket pia P-code:763228
Kogyo code:1629901
Click here to purchase tickets
CN play guide For booking call:0570-08-9999(10:00~18:00)
Click here to purchase tickets
e-plus Click here to purchase tickets
Seven ticket Seven code:047-982
Click here to purchase tickets
Lawson ticket HMV L-code:36484
For booking call:0570-084-003(L-code required)
0570-000-407(Operator assistance)
Click here to purchase tickets

*These sites are in Japanese only.



(2)Single site admission ticket

Price: Aprox. 300~1,000 JPY

Number of facilities: Approx. 8 (Tickets are only valid during festival period)

Accommodation Discount Coupon

For visitors from outside Ibaraki prefecture, accommodation discount coupons are issued. The coupons are valid throughout the festival to stay at accommodation facilities in the northern Ibaraki region. The schedule for coupon distribution will be announced as soon as determined through the Ibaraki tourism website.

IBARAKI NAVI http://www.ibarakiguide.jp

Loop bus service

On Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays, when the number of visitors are expected to be the most, there will be a shuttle service for visiting exhibition sites.


■Town and city’s free loop bus: Designating city and town’s train station as the bus terminal, the shuttle bus will accommodate efficient access to several exhibit locations in a half day.

■Digest loop bus: A loop bus service that maximize the visits to artworks efficiently in one day.

Route Terminal Operation
One-day Seaside Loop route Mito or Hitachi station Fare applicable
Saturday, Sunday and national hoiday
One-day Mountain Loop route Mito or Hitachi station Fare applicable
Saturday, Sunday and national holiday


To help the navigation easier by cars and taxis, we will provide information of desirable routes on the guidebook and our official website.