Smiley Bag Portrait

Smiley Bag Portrait 2011-

Smiley Bag Portrait

Smiley Bag Portrait is Nobutaka Aozaki’s project where the artist makes portraits of participants on plastic smiley bags, which are often distributed at grocery stores and restaurants in the United States. This take-out bag is commonly used at Asian stores in New York, where Aozaki lives. Also, in the city, Asian and Latin American immigrants make a living out of making portraits of tourists on the street. In this context, the artist came up with this participatory activity for creating a space for communication and connecting diverse groups. Aozaki transforms the popular image on the cheap material into an original piece, imposing the uniqueness of individual participants. This project will take place at six places in Kenpoku, and the documentations will be on display as well.

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Smiley Bag Portrait


Nobutaka AOZAKI

Photo: Kuniharu Abe

Nobutaka AOZAKI Nobutaka AOZAKI