kenopsia (void of human being)

kenopsia (void of human being) 2016

kenopsia (void of human being)

Indian artist Mithu Sen will present installations at two locations, Tenshin Memorial Museum of Art and the former Fujigaoka Elementary School in Kitaibaraki city. While an increasing number of public schools are forced to close down because of the population decline in Japan, India faces the difficulty of providing enough school facilities for children because of the rapid population growth. For KENPOKU ART 2016, Sen visited Kenpoku region for research and observed the contradictory circumstance between the two countries. Her project aims at connecting the two different locations in a space that remembers “the presence of children today and in the past.” The artist inherits the spirit of Tenshin, who saw India as the origin of the Eastern thought and built a close relationship with Tagore, reopens the former Fujigaoka Elementary School once again filled with children’s voices.




Announcement: School Reopening Ceremony

Dear citizens of Ibaraki,

It gives us great pleasure to share with you that former Fujigaoka Elementary School, Kenpoku, Ibaraki Prefecture is reopening on day, date, time.

Join us to witness the presence of children like never before and hear them out.

Be there to support the kids!

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kenopsia (void of human being)


Mithu SEN

Mithu SEN Mithu SEN