"ART ZOO": Safari Park Project in Hitachi-Ota 2016

“ART ZOO”: Safari Park Project in Hitachi-Ota

Shinta Inoue has held many exhibitions and projects inside and outside Japan, in particular his Project of Shepherd. Recently, he has actively sought out cross-genre collaborations with other artists, and has attempted to produce work set in new spaces, such as theaters, the noh stage and tearooms, exploring new possibilities for two-dimensional artwork. For this festival, he has put drawings of animals to graze on the expansive hill in Matsudaira. There are roughly 250 panels on which faceless, four-legged animals have been drawn. The union of these two-dimensional images with their three-dimensional setting invites viewers to engage in a new mode of communication. The artist, who was inspired by the life of the shepherd, a figure he sees as a symbol of an international, borderless way of life, himself becomes a herder of animals, and beckons us to join a free-spirited journey.

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“ART ZOO”: Safari Park Project in Hitachi-Ota


Shinta INOUE Shinta INOUE