blank project #3 - a corner of the cosmos

blank project #3 - a corner of the cosmos 2013 - 2016

blank project #3 – a corner of the cosmos

There are kokedama,moss balls made of Kenpoku’s local moss, casually placed on the floor. When you take your eyes off them, you might suddenly feel their “presence.” Drawn by the diversity of sand in the world, and conducting research about soil, Mihara learnt about microbial fuel cells (MFC), which generate electricity using microbes that live in sand or soil. In this scientific field, which became popular around 2000, fundamental experiments have been conducted, including material research, and experiments to combine it with other life forms such as plants; and some of these experiments are within the reach of individuals. The artist has envisaged how art might be in an age when this technology has been fully developed, and is experimenting with ways to generate electricity and experience energy, in order one day to create a sense of presence using moss-generated electricity. During the course of the exhibition, the energy created by the moss might make the moss balls begin to sing and dance. How will that appear to people?

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blank project #3 – a corner of the cosmos


Kyoto Art Center Artists in Studios program


SymbioticA, Satoyama Hotel Tokiwaji, Etsuko Tachi, Makoto Hirabayashi, Chiaki Ishizuka


Soichiro MIHARA

Soichiro MIHARA Soichiro MIHARA