Vide Infra

Vide Infra 2016

Vide Infra

Vide Infra is a team composed of Yuki Yoshioka (researcher/visual designer), Daiki Kanaoka (fabricator), Taichi Sunayama (artist/programmer), Tomohisa Goco (space designer), Shimon Mioke (architect/product designer), Masakazu Kato (researcher), and Hiroshi Takagishi (visual designer). Their team’s name, which means “Look below” in Latin, expresses their policy of tackling the world bottom up, at a micro level. The members focused their attention on the fermentation culture in the Kenpoku region, in particularly in its specialty product of natto, fermented soya beans. They have conducted experiments to create a whole new material from natto bacteria, creating natto resin from the bacteria and building structures by 3D printing. Although their idea for this disposable material – which can be decomposed by microbes and return to nature – is still in its developmental stages, they will be exhibiting videos that incorporate fictional elements into documentation of their work thus far, together with 3D-printed models that their experiments have produced.

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Vide Infra


Cinematographer : Tsuyoshi Hasegawa

CG : Toru Hataya


Supported by : BACON POTATO PIE LLC, DDD Japan, Stratasys Japan Co., Ltd.

Thanks to : Misaki Horai, WOW inc., k2m design inc., FabCafe Tokyo


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