Hitachi-Satake City

Hitachi-Satake City 2016

Hitachi-Satake City

Umezu Kaikan was built in 1936 as the Ota Town Hall, donated by Fukujiro Umezu. It later became the Hitachiota City Hall, and is currently familiar to people as the Hitachiota City Museum of Local History. During the festival, the ground floor of this building will become the city hall for the fictional city of “Hitachi-Satake.” Hitachiota is the city from where the Satake clan, descendants of Minamoto no Yoshimitsu, ruled over the Kenpoku region for 470 years, and even the whole of the Hitachi Province at one stage; the ruins of their residence, Ota Castle, are in northern Kujiragaoka. After being forced to relocate to the Akita Province in 1602, the Satake clan eventually became subjects of the Mito Domain, and gradually lost its place in history. Fukasawa has focused his attention on this clan that symbolizes the spirituality of this land, and established the hypothetical city of Hitachi-Satake in an attempt to connect the historical past to the present. Exhibits in the city hall will introduce this city’s history and present citizens, and the artist will be holding conversations with people throughout the festival. There will also be various events held, even including a “Hitachi-Satake City Festival.”

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Hitachi-Satake City


Takafumi FUKASAWA (Selected from open call)

Photo: Rie Inokuma

Takafumi FUKASAWA (Selected from open call) Takafumi FUKASAWA (Selected from open call)