The Ibaraki Inventorium

The Ibaraki Inventorium 2016

The Ibaraki Inventorium

Desjeux was a molecular biologist before she became an artist. Taking strong interest in the wildlife found in the Kenpoku region, she has collected plants and bugs and conducted research in the area’s nature, held workshops in the region, and will be presenting her “Ibaraki Inventorium.” The Inventorium might be said to be “a place listing inventions,” combining as art the natural life of Ibaraki, which is home to plant life both of northern and southern Japan, and the school’s science laboratory, which is a place for experiments and tests of this natural life. The laboratory and the preparation room will contain an installation that uses samples, scientific apparatus found in the classroom and local plants and bugs, and the kitchen will be transformed to a place where viewers can view slices of local vegetables through a telescope . The greenhouse cultivates weeds, and there is even a “bug hotel” for insects next door, all contributing further to a study of the environment. Desjeux’s art will connect with the local area’s natural environment, while incorporating its process of change.

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The Ibaraki Inventorium


Isabelle DESJEUX

Isabelle DESJEUX Isabelle DESJEUX