Forest memoir

Forest Memoir 2013 - 2016

Forest memoir

A vast number of black, charred branches hang from the ceiling. The branches receive light and throw their shadows onto the wall, which together form the image of trees. The angle of the light hitting the branches creates a virtual image of non-existent trees. By being charred, the twigs lose their original color and texture, and become akin to silhouettes. The light, constantly changes intensity from brightest to dimmest, creates a scene of disappearing and then re-emerging (rebirth) of an image of a tree. This installation with its ethereal beauty, will at the same time evoke the memories of the trees and forests that mankind has destroyed through development. The shadows of the people in the spaces are not irrelevant either; visitors are part of this world too. What is the link between mankind and nature? This artwork raises the question of each individual’s responsibility.

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Forest memoir


LE Thua Tien

LE Thua Tien LE Thua Tien