Daigo Lost and Found

Daigo Lost and Found 2016

Daigo Lost and Found

Daigo is a town rich in nature and history, located in the upper reaches of the Kuji River. Decades ago, residents recorded footage that vividly shows events and festivals in the town, as well as its people’s expressions. This 8mm-film footage has been dug up and collected from multiple households by the local team, which Ang has brought forward to our times with his original soundtrack. The soundtrack is based on piano arrangements of folk songs from the Daigo region, found by Ang during his research. The music has been arranged and performed for this occasion by a Berlin-based pianist. The videos will be shown on old CRT televisions, accompanied by Ang’s soundtrack. They will provide a fresh yet nostalgic experience both for those who are familiar with Daigo town, and for first-time visitors.



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Daigo Lost and Found


Robert James Phillips (pianist)


Song-Ming ANG

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