Serial possibility-fukuroda fall

Serial possibility-fukuroda fall 2016

Serial possibility-fukuroda fall

Enter the tunnel leading towards Fukuroda Falls, and visitors will be guided along their path by a winding acrylic structure that changes color. The structure is inspired by the waterfalls, the rapids and the main stream of the Kuji River. Move further inside, and the dynamic development of the twists and turns in the clearing along the way will overwhelm visitors. These falls were formed roughly 15 million years ago from magma that erupted from a submarine volcano and solidified; the porous surface has created a complex current. Before the tunnel opened in 1979, people took the long, winding pathway along the rapids. Installed inside the straight tunnel, Jung’s work lets us experience the dynamism and beauty of the natural waterfall and the waterways that feed it, as art.

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Serial possibility-fukuroda fall


Tokyo Studio Co., Ltd., Naito Electrical Industries Ltd.


JUNG Hye Ryun

JUNG Hye Ryun JUNG Hye Ryun