Ei Wada presents: Electronicos Fantasticos!
~ HITACHI Power Connect~

Event Information

Saturday, November 19
Hitachi Civic Center


Event Schedule: Saturday, November 19, 2016, Door open: 17:00 Start: 17:30

Venue: Hitachi Civic Center New City Square/Marble Hall (1-21-5 Saiwai-cho, Hitachi, Ibaraki, 317-0073)

Admission is free with no booking required. It will be held rain or shine. Please come directly to the venue.


The obsolete appliances are revived through innovation and new technology producing a symphony which resonates into the future beyond. The controllable and uncontrollable created by the long relationship between mankind and electronics come together forming a new symphonic alliance at the electronic mecca Hitachi.



In the process of creating Electronicos Fantasticos! in HITACHI, since its very first workshop in May before the festival, the team had numerous meetings to launch the local team NICOS LAB in HITACHI. Holding its base in Hitachitaga, the team succeeded in gathering a huge number of CRT TVs, electric fans and AM radios. These appliances were  thereafter revived as new musical instruments and the symphony was produced. The event on Nov. 19 is a long awaited performance after many months of the production process and practice. The artist Ei Wada and NICOS LAB in HITACHI will collaborate to perform ‘CRT-TV Gamelan’, ‘Sempookin’, ‘Border Shirtsizer’, ‘HITACHI Denrin-Tower x Radio’, and ‘HITACHI Power Connect Hi-Touch’ at Hitachi Civic Center.



Performance day request:

Bring your AM Radio!

We have a segment of audience participation in the performance. Let’s power-connect!




Join us!

We are having a rehearsal of ‘HITACHI Power Connect Hi-Touch’. We look forward to your participation!


15:00-17:00, Sunday, November 13 @ Hitachi Civic Center Music Room 4

[Admission Free/No booking required. Please come directly to the venue.]




Electronicos Fantasticos! is a project by Ei Wada which endeavors to form an orchestra of musical instruments using obsolete household appliances and by involving all kinds of people. The project started from ‘Residence Vol. I’ in February 2015. With the launch of its ‘First Ensemble Encounter’ NICOSLAB was established November 23 the same year. Its technology team took charge of programing and production of base plates and steel frames. The performance team took charge of inventing ways to play the instruments and gathering participants. It involved comprehensive efforts and remains ongoing.  The symphony is the music of joy created from abandoned objects enchanted by the magic of technology. It is sure to be an event full of people brought together into the future brimming with new imaginations.




Email: nicos_hitachi@kenpoku-art.jp

Tel: 080-4800-2900 (KENPOKU ART Executive Committee Tokyo Office)



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