Mountain area

Hitachiota, Hitachiomiya, Daigo,
the mountain side with the beautiful woodlands, waterfall, and retro shopping streets

The retro townscapegives serene time and space
Kujiragaoka area in Hitachiota(Hitachiota)

While known as the birthplace of Tokugawa Mitsukuni, Hitachiota Kujiragaoka also has some arty aspects characterized by its retro shopping streets that evoke a feeling of nostalgia. There are cafes, galleries and small shops. Stepping out of the lively atmosphere of the shopping streets you are faced with a vast sprawl of wilderness with paddy fields and mountains. At KENPOKU ART, there will be projects that take place in this vast nature.

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    The flower of Hitachi aki soba (buckwheat noodles) is nurtured
    with the characteristic climate and grace of soil

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    Hitachiota City Museum of Local History Umezu Kaikan
    was built by businessman Fukujiro Umezu

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    Enjoy exhibitions and workshops
    at the renovated brick warehouse gallery

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    SUNNY SUNDAY, the design goods store that sells a variety of masking tapes

The clear stream and lush greenery where unique natureand culture of mountainous region flourish
Oku-kuji clear stream area(Hitachiota, Daigo)

The area symbolizes the “mountain” side of KENPOKU ART. Amongst forests and streams, there are towns in which historic architecture of Meji to Showa era still maintains its presence. Famous for its washi and lacquer crafts, the area has some galleries. Enjoying art and dining in this relaxed atmosphere is something you cannot experience in the city.

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    Bungee jump from 100m heights available
    at Ryujin Great Suspension Bridgein Ryujin Valley,
    which is famous as the longest suspension bridge in Honshu, the main island of Japan

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    Fukuroda Falls, the renowned waterfall blessed with both tranquility and roughness

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    The production of lacquer crafts has been prosperous in the area that tradition alive

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    The abolished school, that retains nostalgic atmosphere, is also one of stages for art

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KENPOKU Mountainside Art trip

Chiaki Hayashi

Reported by Chiaki Hayashi

Co-founder of Loftwork Inc. As a creative agent, her areas of expertise are not limited, they include areas such as web, community, spacial design and architecture. She also manages the digital fabrication cafe, FabCafe which is currently in operation in five countries including Taiwan, Spain and France etc. and a co-working space: MTRL that facilitates new design process by providing recourses.

From Hitachiota through Hitachiomiya, and finally to Daigo town is one of the recommended routes for visiting artworks on the mountain side. Against the backdrop of the townscape that evokes a feeling of nostalgia, with abundant forests and beautiful clear streams, the journey takes you to artworks, each unique in its own right.

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