Keisuke Yunoki’s “Barter project at KENPOKU” is about to be launched!

The barter project is about to be launched in northern Ibaraki. Pushing a portable stall the artist Keisuke Yunoki attempts to barter with passersby. This project is one that received much attention as part of the Gei-Dai-Ko Art project in Daigo town last year. Travelling through six towns and cities with a portable stall the journey will take over two months starting in July.


What you have now is what you can barter and what will be passed onto another. Documenting this chain of people connected by objects is the main concept of this project. The documented trail and process will be exhibited during KENPOKU ART 2016.


We look forward to your participation!
Please check the KENPOKU ART official website, Facebook page, Twitter or the artists’ websites for schedule information.


Official Website


〈Barter project at KENPOKU〉 (Keisuke Yunoki)


【Barter project at KENPOKU schedule】
〈Kita Ibaraki〉 July 19 (Tue.) – July 25 (Mon.) ※July 21(Thur.) No scheduled activity
〈Takahagi〉   July 27 (Wed.) – August 2 (Tue.) July 28 (Thur.) No scheduled activity
〈Hitachi〉   August 4 (Thur.) – August 9 (Tue.)
〈Hitachiota〉   August 11 (Thur.)- August 16 (Tue.)
〈Hitachiomiya〉 August 19 (Fri.) – August 24 (Wed.)
〈Daigo〉     August 26 (Fri.) – August 31(Wed.) , September 4 (Sun.)