It’s almost there! Additional Artists added to the line up. (Daniel Buren, Choi Jeong Hwa, Satoko Masuda and Shinta Inoue)

The leading contemporary artists, Daniel Buren(France), Choi Jeong Hwa(Korea), Satoko Masuda from Ibaraki prefecture and Shinta Inoue from Kyoto will be participating KENPOKU ART 2016. Daniel Buren will be making a rainbow on the beautiful glass wall corridor at Hitachi station, designed by architect Kazuyo Sejima. Choi Jeong Hwa will be working on a magnificent installation at the longest pedestrian bridge in the main island called Ryujin Great Suspension Bridge (Planned to be opened in mid October). Satoko Masuda’s works will be presented at two locations in Hitachiota and Daigo; both are spa facilities.
Shinta Inoue will have “free-range” paintings on the beautiful hills of Uncultivated farmlands of Matudaira-cho, Suifu district.
More details will be coming soon on our website!