Seaside Area

Hitachi, Takahagi, Kitaibaraki,
the seaside area with the history of industrial culture and the magnificent Pacific Ocean

A number of cultural figures loved the seashore endowedwith the bounty of the sea and the valley
Izura/Takahagi seaside area(Kitaibaraki, Takahagi)

This area epitomizes the “sea” aspect of KENPOKU ART. The area is characterized by the white sandy beaches stretching out for miles, juxtaposed against the luminous blue sea. Not only blessed with scenic landscape, the area is rich in history and culture with some significant historic sites such as Rokkakudō designed by Okakura Tenshin, the pioneer of Japanese modern art and the Hozumi Residence, a traditional wealthy farmer’s home.

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    Rokkakudō, located in the most beautiful part of the Izura coast,
    is the place in which Tenshin Okakura used to be indulged
    in reading and contemplation

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    Tenshin Memorial Museum of Art,
    Ibaraki narrates the footprints of Tenshin Okakura and Taikan Yokoyama

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    The precious cultural heritage, Hozumi Residence
    shows house style of wealthy farmer in the middle of the Edo era

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    Takado kohama coast is the picturesque beach chosen for Japan’s 100 beautiful beach

The central point of northern Ibaraki Prefecture that retains the history of industrial development
Hitachi Station area(Hitachi)

The famous Great chimney and the Hitachi mine are what symbolize the area to be the foundation of Japan’s modern industrialization. The shopping center that thrived throughout history is still what supports the lives of the locals. The transport gateway: Hitachi station design was supervised by a world-renown architect, Kazuyo Sejima.

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    Nippon Mining Museum shows the technology
    that supported the industrial development

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    Hitachi civic center equipped
    with a science museum and planetarium.

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    The time of refreshment listening
    to the sound of waves at Unoshima Villa

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    Hitachi station is one of the most beautiful stations in the world
    that overlooks a panoramic view of sea

Recommended Itineraries of Seaside area

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KENPOKU Sea side Art Trip

Mutsumi Taki

Reported by Mutsumi Taki

Northern Ibaraki resident. As a member of KENPOKU ART committee, traveling around, exploring the mountain and the seaside of KENPOKU looking for stories to tell.

The first route we are going to recommend is the seaside route that takes you to some of the must -see artworks on the area.
Going through Kita-Ibaraki city to Takahagi city, the journey takes you down south to Hitachi-city. The landscape will be fused with nature, man-made objects and art, such blend can be only enjoyed during the festival. Don't miss it!

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  • 1 Day
  • Solo travel
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